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At Everything Raw, we believe that all dogs and cats are the ultimate gurus of unconditional love, the perfect example that humans should thrive for. We believe that their mission in life is to love us unconditionally, to be our protectors when needed, to be our confidents and best friends, to be there for us through our trials and tribulations (the good times and the bad), to show us the finer points in life, including how to relax, how to not take life so seriously and how to enjoy every moment with each other. We believe that when our pets cross Rainbow Bridge, pieces of our heart go with them as well. We believe that their devotion to us deserves only the best from us. As their guardians, we believe in providing our pets with the best species appropriate foods possible, so that they can have a life full of health, vitality and longevity.

Everything Raw’s MISSION is to provide as many pet guardians as possible with the most healthiest, balanced and complete species appropriate raw food product for their furbabies, at the most affordable price possible. Because we believe that our furbabies are precious to all of us, we will not compromise quality for quantity, the personal touch for the bottom line, or our devotion to our clients, two legged and four.

At Everything Raw, we are committed to assisting our clients every step of the way, ranging from clients new to raw, experienced clients looking to switch to or supplement their current products and breeders starting their puppies off on the right paws.

Everything Raw will only sells products that we ourselves provide to our own furbabies.

For us, it all started with Victoria, my beloved Golden Retriever. By the age of 9, she had experienced chronic ear infections, chronic yeast infections all over her body, excessive chewing of her paws, slept most of the time, could no longer manage stairs, couldn’t get into her most comfortable couch, had difficulty getting up from a laying or sitting position, couldn’t lose any of the excess weight she had accumulated through the years even though she was on several diets and had no energy. She was on various medications for all of her health conditions, allergies and weight problems.

After a month of being switched to raw, she no longer had ear infections, no longer required weekly baths for yeast on her skin, had a beautiful shinny coat with less shedding, was able to manage stairs again but slowly, could be found on her favourite couch on a regular basis, no longer required allergy medications, and would have bursts of energy allowing her to play in the yard and around the house with our new pups. She lived to the ripe old age of 12.5 years. While 12.5 years for a Golden is a ripe old age, we never thought she would make it past 9 years.

Because of our research into raw, our new pups and our clients can now benefit from everything that species appropriate food can offer to our devoted furbabies. It’s never too late to change a dog to species appropriate raw food. The benefits of raw are amazing, from puppies to senior dogs to every age in between.

Take our one month challenge and see the results for yourself. You will not be disappointed!!