The Impact oaf Raw Dog Food on Your Pet's Digestion
Published On: June 5, 2024

The Surprising Benefits of Raw Dog Food on Your Pet’s Digestion 

When it comes to the health, happiness and even puppy poop of your four-legged friend, even small changes you make in their food can make a big splash. In Ottawa specifically, more and more owners are switching their pups to raw diets. This comes as an alternative to feeding their puppies processed and usually grain-filled food. Raw dog food is flourishing among Ottawa pet owners because it is undeniably more natural (and therefore healthier) for your pup. But what are the particular benefits of raw pet food when it comes to your dog’s poop? Raw food is far superior to most other forms of dog food because it takes the diet of your dog’s closest relatives, such as wolves and coyotes, into consideration. 

Understanding the Digestive Benefits of Raw Food for Dogs 

Bursting with nutrients and eliminating the worst parts of drop biscuits and food-paste kibbles, raw dog food diets also help make dogs poop far less. Why? Raw meat is chockablock with the natural vitamins, fats and nutrients that best aid dogs’ gut health. High-fibre foods like carbs (which make up much of conventional kibble and canned wet food) feed the wrong flora – and ‘wear down’ a dog’s nutritional reserves in the process. Ingredient-loaded, filler-free diets help our canine companions better utilize the raw foods they consume. 

Why Do Dogs Poop Less on Raw Food? 

It also relates to what raw food consists of in the first place. With a raw diet, dogs are commonly fed muscle meat, bone, organ meats and maybe small portions of vegetables and/or fruits. This mirrors the diet of dogs in the wild and means that everything a dog needs is provided to them in a largely balanced diet, with minimal waste to excrete. The lack of fillers means that almost all of the ‘food’ is also ‘fuel’, and there is simply less to excrete. 


Owners in Ottawa who had switched to raw report that their dogs are transformed. Raw-fed dogs, they say, poop less frequently, and their ‘business’ is smaller, harder and stinks less. Smaller, harder, stench-free poops are easier to deal with from a cleanliness standpoint. This is a big benefit, both for dogs and their humans. 

The Environmental Impact 

An often-neglected benefit of feeding your pets a raw diet is that the waste is more biodegradable and less voluminous than waste from dogs and cats fed kibble. It decomposes more rapidly, often disappearing only a few days after it’s left out, rather than lingering for weeks before finally being bagged and recycled. This makes raw feeding a low-impact (and perhaps rewarding) choice for the green-minded pet owner. 

Things to Consider 

Raw-feeding has many benefits, but remember that not all dogs are the same; age, health status and activity level is always relevant. Consult a vet or a pet nutrition specialist before changing your pet’s diet drastically, especially if there are underlying medical conditions.  


Furthermore, quality goes far when it comes to raw pet food. If you live in Ottawa, the likelihood of good quality raw dog food is high when searching for a style of feeding that will suit your pet, while not compromising their safety, health and overall nutritional needs. Raw pet food suppliers in Ottawa, like Everything Raw, provide several products that cater to your dog’s needs. They offer products that fit within your budget without compromising the quality of your dog’s health and safety. 


The turning shift towards starting to feed your dog raw is due to increased awareness that our four-legged friends must be served a natural diet conditioned also to their health and well-being. Giving your dog a quality raw dog food diet will enhance their digestion, alleviate waste production, and help the environment at large.  


Contact Everything Raw for personalized help in both guiding your dog on their raw diet and also for the best individualized support for your dog’s needs. 

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