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    About Us

    Everything Raw has been in operation since August 2015, starting as a small home-based business.  We were and continue to be a small local business providing species appropriate raw food for dogs and cats.  Having outgrown our home-based location and with the closing of a local business in the Manotick area in June of 2019, we were able to move into our new location with a two-fold purpose; providing a retail location for our raw feeders AND providing pet parents and dogs alike a venue to come and interact with other dogs, in a relaxing café setting.  Hence, Everything Raw Doggie Café was born, officially opening its doors on September 7, 2019.

    Everything Raw continues to provide as many pet guardians as possible with the healthiest, balanced and complete species appropriate raw food products for their furbabies, at the most affordable price possible. Because we believe that our furbabies are precious to us all, we will not compromise quality for quantity, the personal touch for the bottom line, or our devotion to our clients, two legged or four.

    Everything Raw Doggie Café also has the privilege of providing dogs with homemade treats, such as birthday cakes, muttcakes (muffins), puppcakes (mini muffins), cookies and ice cream and more.  Not only that, but the café also offers puppaccinos, puppalattes and puppmargaritas for dogs.  For pet chauffeurs, the café offers expressos, cappuccinos, lattes, specialty teas and specialty hot chocolate, as well as human treats (coming soon). 


    Lynn Menard, Owner / Operator / Specialist

    Lynn Menard is the owner and passion behind the business.  Lynn's main focus is to assist pet parents to become informed pet owners, in all aspects of their pet's nutrition and well being.  She is a Certified Raw Dog Food Specialist, a Certified Pet Food Nutrition Specialist and an Acute Canine Homeopathy Specialist.  She is currently working on an Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist course.  Lynn continues to work with Adored Beast and Red Leaf Rover in order to provide sound advise on these amazing products.   

    Lynn is also a certified Reiki Master and Integrative Energy Technique (IET) Master/Instructor and just recently completed the Animal Communication Course, in order to assist her 4-legged clients further.  

    Not only that, Lynn is also the face and chef behind K9Baker, a home-based business that makes healthy and wholesome homemade treats and ice cream for dogs exclusively for Everything Raw Doggie Cafe. 


    Luc Menard, Owner and Part-Time Operator

    Luc Menard is the owner and the brawns behind the business. Luc assists in all aspect of the business. But don't be fouled; his passion for dogs, his calm and refreshing energy, and his charisma at the cafe can't be beat.