Aliments Crus Grenier Raw Food Name

Our clients might notice their Everything Raw food is not under the Everything Raw tab. These foods are now listed under the distributor's name Aliments Crus Grenier!

Curbside Pick-Up

Due to current Ontario lockdown procedures, we will be continuing to operate with curbside pick up and our usual bi-weekly delivery. Please feel free to call us at 613-692-7770, order online or come into the store to pick up everything you need. Please remember to stay behind the gate at the door when entering the store and to wear a mask.

New Packaging for Everything Raw Products

Our Everything Raw clients will be seeing new packaging in the coming weeks! Our distributor (Aliments Crus Grenier) has changed their product format from 1 lb sausages to 1/2 lb patties, allowing for better consistency. The boxes will now only come in 12 lb boxes, but we will honour our 24 lb price when you purchase two 12 lb boxes.

Over the next few weeks, our previous 12 and 24 lb boxes will be replaced with the new format, which will include our distributor's labels in both French and English.

Below is a video of Aliments Crus Grenier's production of the new format. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!