Adored Beast – Turkey Tail Mushroom – Liquid

From: $39.99

From: $39.99
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Compared to most powders, triple liquid extracts contain a range of full spectrum compounds featuring both water-soluble (for example polysaccharides like beta-glucans) and alcohol-soluble compounds (like antioxidants such as triterpenoids), ensuring access to all the beneficial properties mushrooms have to offer.

Certified Organic Turkey Tail Mushrooms are, to date, the first medicinal mushrooms that the FDA has funded for research in the fight against various types of cancers.  Research shows that turkey tail mushrooms can help slow the spread of cancer cells, and when used in tandem with other traditional cancer treatments, improves survival rates.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Glycerin, Triple Extracted Organic and Ethically Wildcrafted Turkey Tail Mushrooms

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