Premium Chicken

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From: $13.99
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Premium Chicken is prepared with fresh meats high in protein, very finely ground bone, organ meats, vegetables, prebiotics and supplements to promote the intestinal health of your dog. This complete meal is formulated to meet AAFCO and NRC nutritional standards.

This product is a 100% natural meal, free of wheat, corn, gluten and preservatives; ingredients that are often associated with allergies, digestive problems and diarrhea.

This product is seal-packed and frozen into 1/2 lb patties.  Available in a 4 lb bag and/or a 12 lb and 24 lb box.

Ingredients: Mechanically separated grain-fed chicken with ground bones, organ meats (liver, heart), interchangeable vegetables/fruits (carrots, red beets, apples), unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, organic seaweed, alfalfa, ground flax seed, Brewer’s Yeast, Vitamin E and NATURVET Kelp Help™ Supplement.

Feeding Instructions: The recommended daily feeding is between 2-3% of your dog’s ideal adult body weight, taking into account your dog’s activity level.  This recommendation may vary from dog to dog.  For puppies, the recommended feeding is 3-4% of their ideal adult body weight, tapering off as they grow to their full weight.  For pregnant or lactating females, 4% to 10% of their ideal adult body weight depending on where they are in their gestation/lactation.

Please note that Premium Chicken is designed for adult dogs that weigh 30 lbs or more, and for puppies from 4 weeks of age.  If feeding to a dog under 30lbs, add additional vegetables to increase the fibre to your dog’s diet.

The product may contain beets and therefore can change the color of your dog’s urine.


Nutritional Analysis

Protein:           min. 16%

Fat:                  min. 9%

Fiber:               min. 1%

Humidity:        max.65%

Calories:          1,420 kcal/kg




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