Immunity Bundle - Small Dog

Immunity Bundle - Small Dog

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Bolster your family’s immunity, furry and not so furry… with the power of Nature. This trio of products works together synergistically in the body to increase overall health, longevity, and immune system strength.

Products include:

  • Liver Tonic (60mL)

    • supports the health of the portal (organ) system to remove toxins.

    • helps regenerate healthy liver cells

    • boosts the organ’s ability to filter toxins from the blood

    • aids in proper function of histamine (associated with allergies, chronic inflammation), protein synthesis and biochemical production for digestion

  • Phyto Synergy (15g)

    • skin, organ mobility/joint health

    • decreased inflammation, hyperactivity and anxiety

    • digestion support

    • increased energy

    • detoxification

  • Gut Soothe (52g)-a proprietary blend of anti-inflammatory herbs and pre & probiotics that soothe and replenish the lining of the bowel, fight yeast and combat unhealthy bacteria. 

These products can also be purchased separately.