Raw Feeding 101

In order to assist our clients, Everything Raw provides all of our clients with our FREE Raw Feeding 101 downloadable handbook. The information contained in this document is what we do for our own pets and is provided to you for information purposes only.

You are still encouraged to do your own research and to come to your own conclusions on what is best for you and your dog(s) and cat(s). This handbook has everything you need to start you and your dog or cat on the path to feeding species appropriate raw.

Download our Free Manual

  • Why raw dog food is better for your dog!
  • What are the benefits of feeding raw!
  • What constitutes a complete and balanced raw dog food diet!
  • How much to feed your dog!
  • How to transition your dog to raw!
  • What to expect when you transition your pet to raw!
  • What to do if your dog refuses to eat the raw dog food!
  • What treats to provide to your raw fed dog!
  • The difference between Raw Meaty Bones and Recreational Bones!
  • Do’s and Don’ts when feeding raw!
  • Frequently Asked Questions!
  • Resources! (including Vets we follow and their sites)
  • Vaccination and Parasitic Prevention?
  • How to transition a cat to raw! (Available upon request)
  • The benefits of Intermittent Fasting and a Calorie Restricted Diet for your dog! (Available Upon Request)

Read Our Reviews

Cathy PhamCathy Pham
00:31 09 May 24
Friendly staff and super knowledgeable. Amazing raw food for your dogs. Highly recommend!
Ursula RobinsonUrsula Robinson
21:58 16 Apr 24
Great little store with good selection. Would give 5 stars but the two times I have been there; the service is hit or miss.There is a red haired woman who works there (didn’t get her name) who is wonderful!However there is another woman who has been there each time who made me feel judged for saying I feed my dog kibble with the raw food. The first time I went in, she was incredibly standoffish upon hearing I give my dog kibble and only friendly when trying to convince me to feed fully raw.It’s a little disappointing. I appreciate the passion for the product, but I feel a different approach of just being friendly and knowledgeable would be better than judging what people feed their dogs.
Great guidance to what your specific dogs needs are ! Very friendly
Roberta RainvilleRoberta Rainville
15:41 13 Mar 24
Everything Raw is a store that offers a wide variety of food and pet products. However, during our visit to the store, we found the staff to be judgmental and pushy. They gave us unsolicited opinions on pet health care areas that were unrelated to nutrition, such as vaccinations, spaying, flea and tick prevention. They even suggested that we change our vet clinic without knowing the quality of care our pet is receiving. We did not welcome their opinions and left feeling irritated and disappointed with their behavior. As a result, we have decided to look for other options for our pet food.
Bobby WalshBobby Walsh
22:16 12 Mar 24
Lynn MorrellLynn Morrell
15:19 27 Feb 24
Love this store! Quality food, and so much more. Always great advice from the staff too. It’s nice to know you can shop somewhere where you can tell they value the health of your pet!
Marie-Josee GendronMarie-Josee Gendron
04:03 04 Feb 24
I switched my cats to the cat premium raw 2years. What a change! Fur is extremely soft, their poops are nicer and not as smelly, healthier and they have so much energy. The staff have helped me so much with picking the right raw recipes for my cats. I started with samples and when they have new raw recipes they give me a samples to test out as my cats can be stubborn lol. The staff are patient, very nice and always happy to know how my cats are doing. My cats also are in love with the freeze dried treats (salmon) their favourite :). One of my cats got bladder crystals 2 years ago and has been free from crystals since. I can say I am very happy to have found Everything raw! Thank you guys 🙂
Peggy A.Peggy A.
16:43 29 Dec 23
The owner is very informative. Good service. Now I just have to wait and see if my dog likes raw.
Christopher MenesesChristopher Meneses
19:41 23 Dec 23
Positive experience overall with a great selection of food at reasonable prices. However, it would enhance the atmosphere if we could maintain a judgment-free environment. Personal opinions on tail and ear cropping are controversial, and it's advisable to refrain from expressing them while conducting business.
Clara BonhommeClara Bonhomme
13:29 19 Dec 23
Great service. Great product.
Brandon SomervilleBrandon Somerville
22:58 10 Nov 23
Dog-friendly raw food store. The staff are knowledgeable and the products are priced we'll to be affordable.
Allie KayAllie Kay
06:48 07 Nov 23
I switched my dogs to a new raw food after speaking with the owner. She helped me find the food and supplements that my dogs needed the most and it was a really pleasant experience. My dogs are doing so much better on their new food and they really love it as well.
Laura LeeLaura Lee
20:51 30 Aug 23
Visited this shop for the first time yesterday. Katie was super knowledgable and kind to our dogs. We left with samples and suggestions and returned today to start our dogs on a raw food diet. The dogs are so very happy and excited about their food and new diet, it is something to see! Lots of prancing and smiling and happy behaviour - and a little confusion about what to do with the chicken feet but that didn't last too long!
18:38 28 Aug 23
Very knowledgeable owner