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    Where to Start

    In order to assist our clients, Everything Raw provides all of our clients with a Raw Feeding 101 handbook. The information contained in this document is what we do for our own pets and is provided to you for information purposes only. 

    You are still encouraged to do your own research and to come to your own conclusions on what is best for you and your dog(s) and cat(s). This handbook has everything you need to start you and your dog or cat on the path to feeding species appropriate raw. 

    Raw Feeding 101 - Free Manual

    This document includes the following:

    • Why raw dog food is better for your dog!
    • What are the benefits of feeding raw!
    • What constitutes a complete and balanced raw dog food diet!
    • How much to feed your dog!
    • How to transition your dog to raw!
    • What to expect when you transition your pet to raw!
    • What to do if your dog refuses to eat the raw dog food!
    • What treats to provide to your raw fed dog!
    • The difference between Raw Meaty Bones and Recreational Bones!
    • Do’s and Don’ts when feeding raw!
    • Frequently Asked Questions!
    • Resources! (including Vets we follow and their sites)
    • Vaccination and Parasitic Prevention?
    • How to transition a cat to raw! (Available upon request)
    • The benefits of Intermittent Fasting and a Calorie Restricted Diet for your dog! (Available Upon Request)