ChewMasters – Cod Bites (114g)


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ChewMaster Cod Bites (114g)

Reward your dog with the irresistible taste of Chewmasters Alaskan Cod Bites, a wholesome, nutritious treat made from 100% Alaskan Cod skins. These Cod Bites are dried while fresh to lock in valuable nutrients, making them a healthy and delicious option for your pet.

With a guaranteed analysis of 86.6% crude protein, 3.0% crude fat, and only 5.0% moisture, these treats are low in carbohydrates and fat while being an excellent source of protein. They are also highly digestible, ensuring your pet gets the most out of this tasty treat. Chewmasters Alaskan Cod Bites are ideal as a training aid or a special reward for your furry friend.

Ingredients:  100% Alaskan Cod Skins

Contains no Wheat, Corn, Soy, Preservatives or by-productys.  Suitable for dogs of all sizes. 

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