Four Leaf Rover – Better Bones (Dried Bones for Homemade Diets)


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Another great product from Four Leaf Rover!

No more cracked teeth or splintering issues when feeding your dog bones. Better bones comes in a convenient powder form and can be used on raw or cooked food.

Your dog needs the right balance of calcium and phosphorus. If these minerals are out of balance, dogs can develop joint and skeletal issues. Bone contains calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium in the right ratio, making it ideal to balance all types of diets.

Most sources of calcium like egg shells, coral and seaweed calcium contain no or little phosphorus. This makes it hard to properly balance your dog’s minerals. Bones also contain amino acids and growth factors that are missing in other sources of calcium. Plus Better Bones is rich in natural vitamin D, which is essential for regulating the calcium and phosphorus balance.

Better Bones is the safe and natural way to add calcium and minerals to your dog’s raw or home cooked meals.  Just 100% air-dried bones from pastured Australian cattle…just as nature intended!! Every jar of Immunity features:

From certified BSE-free Australian cattle

Tested low in lead and heavy metals

Product Facts: 

Active Ingredients : Dried beef bone

Inactive Ingredients: None