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Healthy skin from the inside out! Harmony is a veterinarian-formulated  combination that’s 100% natural yet scientifically powerful.  

  • Supports healthy skin 
  • Supports a normal histamine response 
  • Helps with skin detoxification


Skin problems aren’t just skin-deep – they can be a sign that your dog isn’t  healthy on the inside.

Harmony is an exciting formulation that targets not just skin health, but all  the organs that support healthy skin. It’s a veterinarian-formulated blend of  skin and organ detoxifiers like broccoli sprouts and spirulina, proven  performers like quercetin, L-theanine and Chinese skullcap to support a  normal histamine response, along with soothing organic herbs.  

Harmony is the next generation approach to calm, healthy skin and dogs.  Made with clean, organic ingredients and no fillers.

Key Ingredients: 

Harmony is a premium blend of proven performers that support skin health  and detoxification.  

Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder: Initiates Phase I liver detoxification and  activates NRF2 pathways. 

Spirulina: A powerful sea green that helps the skin detoxify from everyday  chemicals and toxins.

L-Theanine: An amino acid found in green tea that supports a normal  histamine response.  

Liposomal Quercetin: An extremely bioavailable form of quercetin to target  mast cells and help support a normal histamine response.  

Organic Chinese Skullcap: A natural herb that supports a normal histamine  response.  

Organic Irish moss: Supports healthy thyroid function and helps detoxify  from heavy metals.