Yappetizers – Dehydrated Goat Heart (85g)


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Yappetizers – Dehydrated Goat Heart (100g)

Dehydrated Goat Heart dog treats have high-quality protein, essential nutrients, and vitamins. Key benefits include:

·         Complete amino acid profile from goat meat, supporting muscles and overall well-being.

·         Naturally lean, ideal for weight management or obesity-prone dogs.

·         Hypoallergenic properties make goat treats suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Goat is a novel protein, less common in dog food and treats. Its lean and low-fat nature benefits dogs with dietary restrictions. Dogs with allergies or sensitivities are less likely to react to it. 

Sourced from a reputable brand like Yappetizers, goat heart dog treats are safe and enjoyable.  There are no fillers, artificial flavours or preservatives.

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